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Infrastructure Construction Services

  • Site Clearing and Preparation
  • Water and Sewer Line Construction, Site Utilities Maintenance
  • Stormwater Management Systems Installation
  • Grading and Paving
  • Raised Walkways, Boardwalks and Pedestrian Bridges
Soil Remediation and Site Preparation
New Jersey Schools Development Authority
Elizabeth, New Jersey


This project included clearing and grubbing, demolition of subsurface footings and foundations, removal of an underground storage tank, remediation of contaminated and unsuitable soils and backfilling, compaction and grading of the site. Approximately 16,000 cubic yards of contaminated and unsuitable soil were excavated, loaded and disposed of at an approved facility. Approximately 2,000 cubic yards of certified clean fill were imported to the site for backfill and construction of the clean soil cap. The site was compacted and graded to the specifications utilizing crushed stone and portions of the site were restored by hydro seeding.

Water Main and Hydrant Repairs
National Park Service
Fort Wadsworth National Park, New York


This project included the replacement of damaged fire hydrants and repairs of several water leaks on a six inch water main serving Fort Wadsworth. A number of valves and mechanical joints were removed and replaced during the course of the project. Additionally, the asphalt street and curbs were restored following the completion of the subsurface work.

Waterfront South Rain Gardens
Camden County MUA
Camden, New Jersey


The site was a former gas station which was contaminated with petroleum compounds due to leaking underground storage tanks. The scope of work included the remediation of contaminated soil, construction of a clean soil cap and construction of the Green Gateway Park rain garden.  Approximately 300 tons of contaminated soil were excavated, loaded and disposed of at an approved facility and approximately 1,200 cubic yards of soil were excavated and stockpiled at a nearby CCMUA owned property for future use. The site was backfilled with certified clean fill, topsoil, a custom rain garden soil blend and mulch. The construction of the park included the installation of new sidewalks, curbs, trench drains, decorative fencing, bollards, gravel pathways, concrete pavers, stone river channels, four rain garden basins and extensive plantings and landscaping. The rain garden park accepts runoff from the surrounding streets, which then infiltrates into the ground, rather than being added to the municipal storm sewer system which can become overloaded during heavy rain events.

Onsite Sewage Disposal System

Somerset, NJ

This project consisted of a new installation of an onsite sewage disposal system.  The system included two tanks, a leaching field, piping, alarm and all associated electrical work.  Upon system installation completion the entire property was re-graded as part of a storm water improvement plan.  Topsoil and landscaping were also installed. 

Site Preparation and Development


Hammonton, NJ

The project included site development associated with the construction of a new educational facility. The scope of work consisted of site clearing, excavation, site utilities installation, grading, concrete walkways construction, paving, parking lot striping and signage. Additional services performed included topsoil installation and offsite disposal of unsuitable soils.  This project was performed during a particularly rainy fall season which presented various challenges however, the project was completed on time and within budget.

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