Environmental Remediation and Construction Services

  • Impacted Soils Excavation, Transportation and Disposal
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal and Installation
  • Stream Bank Restoration
Environmental Remediation Services
and Parking Lot Construction
Middle Township Board of Education
Middle Township, New Jersey

This project was conducted in two phases, an environmental site remediation of a portion of the site soils contaminated with gasoline due to a former leaking underground storage tank followed by construction of a new parking lot, including striping, curbing, sidewalks, accessible ramps and lighting. A total of 4,036 tons of contaminated soil was excavated and disposed of an approved facility. The new parking lot was approximately 3,300 square yards and included 118 parking spaces.

Soil Remediation and Restoration
179 Cranbury Neck Road
Plainsboro, New Jersey

This project was for the remediation of pesticide, arsenic, and PAH impacted soil at the 179 Cranbury Neck Rd. site in Plainsboro Twp., NJ. The scope of work included the abandonment of 3 monitoring wells, the excavation, screening, and disposal of both impacted soils and trash.  Approximately 700 tons of impacted soils and 75 tons of trash were excavated, screened and properly disposed of off-site.  Following the remediation, certified clean fill and topsoil was imported to the site. The site was graded, plantings were installed and several hundred feet of 8’ high deer fence was installed. 

Site Remediation and Clean Soil Cap
Boys and Girls Club
City of Atlantic City, New Jersey


This project was for the remediation of historic fill and lead impacted soil in the play yard of the Atlantic City Boys and Girls Club. The scope of work included the excavation and disposal of non-hazardous lead impacted historic fill, placement of visual demarcation layer and construction of a clean fill cap. The entire yard, which was approximately 25,000 sf was cut two feet below grade and replaced with certified clean soil to construct the engineered cap. Approximately 2,000 tons of impacted soil was remediated from the site and approximately 2,000 tons of certified clean fill and 300 tons of topsoil was imported to the site.  The site was then hydroseeded and the project was successfully completed on schedule.

Site Remediation and Site Preparation
New Jersey Schools Development Authority
Newark, New Jersey


This project was the site preparation stage for the proposed construction of a new public elementary school in Newark, NJ and  consisted of remediation of approximately two inner city acres located within two city blocks.  Our team developed and performed a comprehensive sampling plan to characterize the waste streams for disposal.  The project had numerous waste streams which included various types of impacted soils, concrete, asphalt and groundwater. The project included removing and disposing of approximately 60,000 tons of impacted soils, 5,000 tons of impacted concrete and asphalt. Additionally millions of gallons of water were pumped and treated onsite for  disposal to the sanitary sewer system.  This project was the site preparation stage for the proposed construction of a new public elementary school in Newark, NJ.


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